June 5, 2023

Quick Guide to IT solutions

2 min read

A set of programmes or services sold separately in a package is known as IT solutions. The idea of these IT solutions is to deal with a complicated problem without paying a professional hefty sum of money. This is a way of marketing the software and services of IT Company Dubai by solving the problem that customers are facing by getting to know the new emerging IT solutions Dubai

A good and simple example of IT solution can be the antivirus software. It is known as an IT solution because it solves a simple issue of virus. Though, single antivirus software does contradict with the original thought of IT solutions as it is a set of software and not a single one. In order to really serve its purpose and do justice to the IT solutions, antivirus software must be paired with another programme or with related software that go along. Such as back up service or spam filters are a good way of promoting antivirus software as an IT solution.

The IT solutions emerged from when value added resellers started to market themselves and their products as solutions. They gathered important information about their customers, learning their weaknesses and needs which they could bundle up in IT solution sets which seemed to work. It wasn’t only solutions that were gaining popularity but system integrators also started to come into the view. They came under the banner of solution and would market their own products of consulting, customizing and implementing different related software to share a valuable information with people who are not very well aware with the dynamics of IT. They would no more require services of professionals as a set of software guided them on how to make use of them. 

In late 1980s, the need of IT solutions became more visible as there were LANs being introduced which required a rapid growth of knowledge of setting them up and installing. This was all possible due to IT solutions which came as an easy approach to it. Customers started requesting guide and this is when IT solution gained popularity till this date when there is still a guide available with software that launches. It has made life easier as there is no need to request for an IT expert to come in and setup simple software.