July 25, 2021

Nahitan Nandez

Dubai, UAE

Quick guide to meal prep

2 min read

Wow. Scrolling through bright flashy pictures of meal preps feels so good and inspiring that you actually want to start meal prep Dubai on your own. Let us guess, you are stuck because those bright flashy pictures are not only inspiring but also overwhelming and you don’t know where to start. Well, don’t worry as here we have a quick guide to meal prep and actually explain it instead of just telling you how to meal prep.

Let’s see what meal prep is actually about. It is about dedicating a part of your day to preparing ahead of time for all the upcoming meals in a week or so. In this time, you will be focusing on preparing half-cooked-half-raw ingredients. This simply means that you do most of the work before hand which does not specifically have to mean that you leave half of your chicken raw for the next day, but it means cutting up veggies and preparing the sauce or getting ingredients for shakes Dubai in advance. It makes things easier for you.

Now you may be wondering what about the lunch boxes that we see on social media being prepared by people for whole week, well these lunch boxes are not necessary to be prepared as everyone has their own priorities and rules that they follow which suits them and their time table. You don’t have to portion every single meal and don’t have to cook and freeze things in advance if you don’t want to; it is just about being prepared for what you have planned. Which brings to our next point which is that meal prep and meal plan is not the same thing.

Meal planning is about choosing what you want for dinner or for the next whole week and preparing things accordingly. You cannot prep a meal without a meal plan. Now this does not necessarily mean you take a pen and paper and start jotting down each day’s meal – though that’s a good idea and can serve as everyday’s menu – but it can also be made mentally and get ingredients in preparing things accordingly. You will be choosing the recipes which you are interested in making and add them to meal plan, shop for meal prep and cook at the desired time – as simple as that.