December 5, 2021

Nahitan Nandez

Dubai, UAE

Three recipes you can make from milk powder easily

2 min read

Here are a few easy recipes you can make using milk powder.

Milk Fudge:
Milk fudge is a soft and enjoyable dessert that you can make within an hour. 


Milk powder – 2 cups 

Sugar – ½ cup

Ghee (clarified butter) – 2 tbsp 

Milk – ½ cup 

Cardamom – 2 pinches 

Saffron – 3 or 4 strings 


Pour milk and milk powder in a bowl and mix well until it becomes a smooth paste. In a separate bowl, make saffron milk by mixing saffron strings with two spoons of milk and put it aside. Take ghee in a pan and heat it. Add the milk powder mixture in ghee and stir it continuously. Meanwhile, add saffron milk, sugar, and cardamom in the mixture simultaneously. Pour mixture in a greased pan when it becomes thick enough that it gets from the base of the pan base. Let the mixture cool down for minutes. Afterward, make small balls of it from your hand and decorate with nuts. Your milk fudge is ready to be served. 

White Chocolate:
White chocolate is the most scrumptious sweet edible to have to satisfy craving and hunger. 


Milk powder – 1 cup 

Powdered sugar – 1 cup 

Coconut oil – 1/3 cup 


Boil water in a steel bowl. Add coconut oil and sugar in it. Mix them well in the water and add milk in the mixture slowly. Pour the batter in small-sized molds when it thickens. Freeze it for an hour. After 60 minutes, cold and creamy white chocolate is ready to munch.

Milk Powder Ice Cream:
Soft and creamy ice-cream can be made at home easily. 


Milk powder – ½ cup 

Sugar powder – ¾ cup

Milk – ¼ cup 

Heavy cream – ½ cup

Grated dark chocolate – ½ cup


Add milk powder, sugar, and milk in a bowl. Mix them well through an electric mixer to turn the mixture into a smooth batter. In another bowl, add cream. Whip the cream for few minutes and add the batter in the whipped cream. Add grated chocolate in it after mixing batter and cream. Pour the creamy mixture in a glass container and freeze overnight. Your ice cream is ready. 

So, these are the three easiest recipes to try. You need a few ingredients to prepare them. Milk powder is available at every store of dairy products suppliers in Dubai. You can get milk powder from an energy drink supplier well for cheap. So, note these recipes and try them.