August 10, 2022

Nahitan Nandez

Dubai, UAE

Wittiest things to know about Power of Attorney

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Title: Wittiest things to know about Power of Attorney

There is a legitimate document available named as power of attorney which gives the facility to one person that he can give his part of rights and obligations to some other person whom he knows well. The perk of this document is that the owner do not need to give permanent unique ownership to the other person but the ownership is temporary for a period which is determined in the document or can be determined at any time by the real owner who is also known as the principle. The other person who gets the temporary ownership is known as the agent of the principle. True copy attestation Dubai is necessary for the power of attorney Dubai.

There are some boundaries which have to be take care of before giving the rights to the agent. These boundaries are as follows:

Age: It is necessary for the agent to be of 21 years of age. If he or she is younger than 21 years then they cannot be the agent or if someone appoints them as agent then the contract will be considered as illegal and can be revoked by the third party.

Mental health: Agent should have a sound mind. The definition of sound mind in the law is that the person should be able comprehends all the documents fully and he should be able to make the decisions on his own. He should be well aware of the consequences of his decisions and can take any action to safeguard the property or wealth of the principle as he will safeguard his own property or wealth.

Physical health: It does not have much to do with the power of attorney as any physically disabled can be appointed as an agent and there is no restriction in law in this regard. But it is important to take heed that the agent should not be the user of any kind of drug because using the drug will make him unable to make decisions carefully or he can also take the money out of the principle’s wealth for his own usage if drugs as drug addict will need more money and they do not ponder that from where they get that, they just need to have their drug despite the source of income.