June 5, 2023

How to treat and prevent gum disease

2 min read

It is very important that a person takes care of oral hygiene because it is not only about being presentable and good looking in fact it is about taking care of personal hygiene and being healthy. Here we have prepared a list of habits that one should maintain in order to take care of oral hygiene.

  • Brush Twice a Day

We cannot emphasis much on the importance of brushing teeth daily – twice. No matter what kind of tool is in use: whether it’s a manual toothbrush or an electric one as long as it’s making its way in and out of mouth, cleaning the plaque, removing the stains and keeping teeth healthy it should be enough. Though people do prefer their toothbrush to be electric to get a better grip of bacteria but if they don’t use it to its full potential it’s of no use. 

  • Maintaining the quality of toothpaste

People take this lightly but the kind of toothpaste is used matters a lot. Most of the tooth decay takes place due to the use of wrong toothpaste even when their brushing was fine. Good toothpaste contains the right amount of fluoride and minerals to give protection even when brushing is not up to the mark. We suggest reading the contents of toothpaste correctly or consulting dental implant specialist in Dubai for better knowledge and understanding.

  • Routine checkups

Yes they are important and necessary even if one feels like they don’t have any problem and are as healthy as ever. It is important to visit dentist even if it’s once in six months. When people undergo different surgeries such as root canal, dental veneers or even gum treatment in Dubai – it becomes necessary to visit the dentist more frequently than suggested because even the lightest symptom can be the root to huge problem which everyone want to avoid especially after being tangled in a surgery.

These are a few safety measures that everyone should take for a healthier gum and oral hygiene. There are a few other things as well such as flossing and cutting down on smoking but they are not important for everyone but few because flossing is sometimes in certain situations prohibited and not everyone is a chain smoker.