December 5, 2021

Nahitan Nandez

Dubai, UAE

Pros and cons of moving to England

2 min read

Read below to know why you should and should not visit the UK visa office in Pune to move to London!


  1. The UK offers thousands of employment opportunities to the citizens and foreign residents of the state. Therefore, thousands and hundreds of thousands of people move to England every year. You can contact recruitment agencies to get a job or set up your business or startup in the country.
  2. It is cheaper to travel in the country and from one country to another European country because of its affordable and speedy public transport system. It has an underground train system and bus system to assist the nation. 
  3. Unlike other developed countries, you can visit government clinics and hospitals free of cost in the UK if you have citizenship and you pay your taxes and insurance. 
  4. England is famous to have the world’s best education system. Their schools and universities blend personalization, technology, and typical method to teach students how to think and unlearn many things. 
  5. England or the UK is the most beautiful place to move. It has so many parks and greenery that can melt your heart and give you calm. The country has historical sites where you can go and learn about different writers, scholars, artists, and actors of the UK. 


  1. Although England provides the best education and opportunities, the country is very expensive to live in. Its house and apartment rents are higher than the rents in the USA. Besides, you will find it expensive to buy food and petrol if you live in London, especially. 
  2. Dramas and films portray London as a must-visit place for tourists but the city is too noisy and busy. More than 9 million people live there. Their buses and trains are overcrowded. Besides, you will find too much traffic there. 
  3. The weather in England is not so good. It can change suddenly from hot to rainy to cold. Therefore, it is better to think thrice or ten times before applying for Visa. 
  4. There will be queues everywhere in the overly populated places in the country. You have to wait for a long time to get a chance to visit tourist attractions or use escalators, cash machines or visit clubs, and many others. 
  5. Because of having immense industries at so many places in different cities, England has cities where you will not get fresh air to breathe. Their air is polluted a lot.  

So, these are some of the pros and cons of moving to the UK. After reading them, think and then apply for UK and US visa in Pune