August 10, 2022

Nahitan Nandez

Dubai, UAE

5 Home Remedies for the Treatment of Thin Nails

2 min read

A girl always dreams to have healthy and elegant nails. But one may not be able to get these gorgeous nails because they have thin nails. There is some good news for all the wonderful ladies out there. Now you girls can get amazing chic nails at home without spending time at nail studios. 

A number of women are even seen working day and night to earn a livelihood for their dear and near ones. Even they are seen leaving their kids to their school, art courses in Dubai, to their workplace, and they are even seen giving a number of other sacrifices for their kid’s bright future every now and then. 

In all such issues a women may not be able to take proper care of herself. Yes, this is ture and this even includes a woman’s thin nails. 

A number of remedies for weak nails are present in an individual’s kitchen. Some of them have been discussed below.

Healthy Food Intake

One should take a proper diet. A diet which is rich in proteins and vitamins is best for one’s nails. Healthy nails can be achieved if one eats tomatoes even. They contain Biotin which is good for one’s nails too.

Applying Moisturizer

If moisturizer is being applied on an individual’s nails frequently then they are being kept moisturized for a long period of time. Like this, they will not lose their shine.  

Wear Gloves

One should always wear gloves before doing any sort of house chore. Protecting your nails is a remedy to achieve thick nails. If gloves are not being worn then there are chances that your nails will dry or split too. 

Olive Oil for Nails

If nails are being poured in olive oil even then a shine will appear on your nails. Repeating this process several times will strengthen your nails. Even the glow on your nails will return back. Olive oil is a natural reliever because it helps one’s nails from drying up. 

Rubbing Garlic on Nails

This is another home remedy for weak nails. If garlic is being rubbed on one’s hands then even weak nails can be strengthened. Repeating this process several times helps your nails to grow more quickly.

These are a number of tips which should be followed to achieve flawless and elegant nails. Go now here to check for more tips.