Machine learning and artificial intelligence concept. Electric circuit graphic and info graphic of Brain chip sets , command , binary coded , robotic arm icons.

The Siemens washing machine repair needs to get its hand on new initiatives in order to dominate the market for a long time. No service centre can survive in the market by persisting with the same strategies and goals that works in the short run.

Problems of traditional set up: There were times when customers were left unsatisfied due to an unprofessional staff. To better explain it, an ill trained team member would probably not be aware of repairing an appliance and ends up damaging it further. It could also come down to the nature of the task being complex. There is a possibility of heavy appliances being dropped on the floor or being trashed in a long vehicle while being taken to the service centre.

Tackling the issues of conventional set ups: A service repair company should aim to introduce the likes of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning into its operations. This would allow the company to conduct its business without literally any risks. For instance an appliance starts to malfunction, the customer contacts the newly improved service centre. The service centre team would have a combination of robots and labours. A long vehicle will take the team to the customer’s residence. The team members would inspect the severity of the damage on the appliance. In case of severe damage, the services of a trained robot would be used to repair the appliance in no time and that too in an efficient manner. If the appliance is big in size and needs to be lifted, perhaps the labours can try to take it out of the house carefully and from there built in machines from the long vehicle would be responsible to lift the appliance and place it precisely. If this concept is put into practice, the service company should be able to grow its business not only in the United Arab Emirates(UAE) but also on a global scale.

The fear of being replaced: Employees would rightly fear being replaced which should not be the case. Introduction of such an initiative would allow employees to focus on newer tasks. Employees would be responsible to guide the robots too. Lastly There is a need of a backup team to be available in case the machines/robot malfunctions.

Conclusion: A company known as “Arabian oryx Technical Services L.L.C” has the potential to incorporate Industry 4.0 into its structure. For more information regarding the company see it here.

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