When you want to have braces for making your smile looks beautiful then you have to go to best dentist Dubai. You have to get your detailed teeth examination before getting dental braces in Dubai. After getting with this examination your dentist will provide you different advices according to your teeth condition. There are many kinds of braces available in the market but it is very important to get the right braces otherwise you will not get the desired result and also you will suffer money loss. Following are some types of braces:

Brackets: These are the main type of braces in which a small square shaped material which is usually performed as a connector. They are made of stainless steel most of the time but stainless steel brackets are very visible that’s why people often prefer to have tooth colored brackets which are usually made of porcelains or plastic.

Orthodontic bands: Like the brackets they are also available in two materials, stainless steel and tooth matching material. People want to have tooth matching material but it is more expensive than the stainless steel bands. These bands are joined with the help of brackets to get stronger grip on the teeth. This will make teeth aligned more rapidly. But these are not applied to all the braces patients. Some patients only need to have brackets. Your dentist will give you proper guidance after detailed examinations and sometimes tooth x-rays are also needed in order to decide that what type of braces should be applied.

Spacers: Some people need to have some space between their teeth before applying any kind of braces. This space is necessary to get the desired results within prescribed time. For this purpose small dividers are placed between the teeth where they are needed. This is usually applied to patients who have protruding teeth and to give them a proper shape it is necessary to create a gap between them before applying braces. When the gap is created then it is comparatively easy for teeth to go back at the right place.

Along with these three there are several kinds of wires and elastics which can be used according to the condition of teeth. Sometimes these types are used with a combination of two or more and sometimes they are used alternatively.

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